• Heather Kampf, Jamie Cheever, Meghan Peyton to Run Navy Mile in Washington, D.C., Oct. 2

    Minneapolis/St. Paul – Sept. 27, 2016 – Three Team USA Minnesota distance runners – Heather Kampf, Jamie Cheever and Meghan Peyton – will be among the elite competitors at the Navy Mile in Washington, D.C., on Oct. 2.  The women’s mile race, which goes down Pennsylvania Avenue, will be held at 11:15 a.m. (Eastern).

  • Kenenisa Bekele wins thrilling duel with Wilson Kipsang and misses world record by just six seconds

    Kenenisa Bekele established himself as the second fastest marathon runner ever, winning the BMW BERLIN-MARATHON with a time of 2:03:03 on Sunday. In a thrilling duel the Ethiopian superstar beat Kenya’s Wilson Kipsang.

  • BMW BERLIN-MARATHON on Sunday: Keen Anticipation for Duel between Wilson Kipsang and Kenenisa Bekele

    The former world record holder Wilson Kipsang versus the fastest man ever at 5 and 10,000m, Kenenisa Bekele – that is the grand showdown for the 43rd edition of the BMW BERLIN-MARATHON on Sunday. Kipsang of Kenya arrives in town having broken the world record here with 2:03:23 in 2013.

  • Minneapolis Native, Steeplechase Competitor Jamie Cheever Rejoins Team USA Minnesota

    Minneapolis/St. Paul – Sept. 22, 2016 – Minneapolis native and nationally-ranked steeplechase competitor Jamie Cheever, a graduate of Southwest High School and three-time All American at the University of Minnesota, has moved back to the state and rejoined Team USA Minnesota.  Cheever was with the team from 2011-13 following a successful collegiate career in cross country and track at the U.

  • BMW BERLIN-MARATHON on Sunday: Aberu Kebede has another crack at the 2:20 barrier

    Aberu Kebede has another crack at the 2:20 barrier in Berlin - No rival in the women’s field has such as successful record in the BMW BERLIN-MARATHON as Aberu Kebede. The Ethiopian is also unmatched in her knowledge of local conditions as she prepares to contest the most spectacular German road race for the fourth time on Sunday.



BMW BERLIN-MARATHON: Video highlights of the race


2016 Berlin Marathon

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