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Fresh New Content and 12-Week Follow Up Training Plan Keep Users Engaged - SAN FRANCISCO, CA – February 12, 2016 – Today Runtastic – a leader in the digital health and fitness space that offers a comprehensive ecosystem of products, services and content for tracking and managing health and fitness data – announced the release of a major update for the Runtastic Results app on both iOS and Android. The Results app features a dynamic set of personalized bodyweight training plans, supported by a comprehensive Health & Nutrition Guide, focused on building strength, decreasing body fat and increasing muscle definition. Today’s release includes a follow-up, 12-week training plan for users that are nearing the completion of their first plan, plus new instructional exercise videos, new standalone workouts and additional languages for Runtastic’s international audience.

“We’re eager to share our first major updates and product improvements with users around the world,” said Florian Gschwandtner, CEO and co-founder of Runtastic. “It’s been truly inspiring to watch people transform their bodies, minds and lives in recent months, and we’re grateful for their ongoing feedback and enthusiasm. We can’t wait to see what people will accomplish in the next 12 weeks!”

New Content, New Motivation

With Runtastic Results, Premium users receive a dynamic, 12-week training plan, which consists of customized 15-45 minute workouts, boasting common bodyweight moves like push-ups, sit-ups and burpees, as well as lesser-known exercises that utilize the user’s bodyweight to generate optimal impact.

Today’s release includes a follow-up, 12-week training plan – for users who have already worked their way through their first personalized plan – as well as 15 new step-by-step instructional exercise videos and four additional standalone workouts. New exercises include a number of variations of “user favorites,” including: Up-Down Push-ups, Marching Wall Sits, Side Lunges and a wide variety of new planking moves. The four new standalone workouts include: Sierra, Tango, Uniform and Victor.

More Freebies, More Localization

In addition to serving Premium users as best as possible, Runtastic is committed to providing a top experience to those who would like to try out the free Results app. For that reason, more instructional exercise videos (Side-to-Side Push-ups, Jump Lunges, Wide High Knees, Scissor Kicks, Triceps Dip) and additional standalone workouts have been unlocked for those who would like to get a taste of what the product has to offer before upgrading.

Furthermore, the app is now available in two additional languages: Polish and Czech. These languages join the ranks of Runtastic’s 12 standard languages, including: English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Chinese, Japanese and more.

Why Bodyweight Training

Bodyweight training, using an individual’s own weight to provide resistance for exercise movements, was 2015’s top fitness trend, beating out 2014’s No. 1, high-intensity interval training (HIIT). Simple, straightforward exercises have proven to increase strength, jumpstart metabolism and boost an individual’s entire fitness level in less time than many other training methods. A key element that makes bodyweight training so popular is that an individual or group can do the exercises anytime, anywhere with no equipment, gym or trainer required. The training improves agility, stability and endurance, while also preventing injuries. Learn more in Runtastic’s bodyweight infographic.

“We’re thrilled to see the first wave of success stories roll in,” said Gschwandtner. “With Results, users realize true transformation within a matter of weeks and we’re committed to keeping their motivation, commitment and sense of community at high levels for as long as possible.”

Download Runtastic Results

The app for iOS and Android is available for free download in the App Store and Google Play or at

About Runtastic

Founded in 2009, Runtastic has rapidly grown into an innovative suite of apps, products and services that track and manage health and fitness data to motivate individuals to get in shape, stay healthy and improve overall fitness. In August 2015, the company was acquired by the adidas Group.

With more than 160 million downloads and 80 million registered users on, Runtastic’s mobile applications sync directly with proprietary hardware to track distance, speed, pace, duration, heart rate, calorie consumption and route traveled (via maps) when running, biking or engaging in other exercise activities. The results can then be viewed directly within the app, via Runtastic GPS devices or on, where users can view their online training log, get detailed data analysis and compare with others. Whether you are a novice or an athlete, Runtastic makes exercise easy and fun. Additional information can be found or you can follow us onGoogle+,Twitter,Facebook andInstagram.