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NIKE VISION + ZEISS Release Behind-the-Scenes Video - Episode 2: Making the Future

Today, Nike Vision (Nike’s line of performance, lifestyle and optical eyewear) releases behind-the-scenes manufacturing video of the groundbreaking 2016 Running Collection of sunglasses.

To bring this revolutionary collection to life, Nike Vision partnered with industry leader ZEISS to work outside the constraints of traditional eyewear manufacturing. NIKE + ZEISS partnership started from scratch to manufacture a new lens from a custom mold. Once developed, the mold was refined using ultra-precise machinery with diamond-polishing technology to polish the complex lens shape down to the nanometer. The end result is a lightweight, state-of-the-art lens that maximizes coverage and provides optimum clarity to allow athletes to perform at the highest level.  

The innovative process resulted in a 5-piece collection for every level of athlete, from the casual jogger to the gold medal athlete – many Nike athletes will be wearing the collection this summer in  RIO 2016!