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RunPhones combine headbands, headphones for comfortable and safe exercise with music

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Everyone knows listening to music while exercising outside helps to make working out more enjoyable. However, ear buds can be uncomfortable and can drown out other important sounds such as traffic and other people. RunPhones, a new washable, comfortable headphones designed specifically for exercise, provide the perfect compromise of music, comfort, convenience, and safety.

Honey Stinger Expands its Specialty Running Business Brand a first-time exhibitor at The Running Event

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11.11.2010 – (Steamboat Springs, Colo.) – Honey Stinger, the leading manufacturer of honey-based nutritional products, continues to expand its retail presence within the running channel. Citing triple-digit growth and expanding relationships in over 30 percent of the nation’s top running retailers, Honey Stinger will be exhibiting at The Running Event in Austin, Texas next week.


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Hoffman Estates, IL – (NOVEMBER 7, 2010) – When you go out in cold weather, you put on a hat to keep your head warm, gloves to keep your fingers from getting frostbite, and a coat to keep the rest of you toasty – but aren’t you forgetting a certain other body part that gets cold?

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