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BE A MILER! National MILER Event kicks off – May 6th – 12th

Hosts in 25 states at town or city elementary, middle or high schools will have waves of girls & boys “run the mile”. - The NATIONAL RUN A MILE DAYS youth fitness campaign event goes into full “miler” action starting on Sunday May 6th.  Over 30 sponsored sites in 25 states will run a series of Mile Races at school tracks or improvised 400m loops that will serve as the venue to run the mile.  The mantra is “BE A MILER”.  ARA has provided 18,000 finisher certificates to event hosts for each boy and girl who proves that they are a Miler.  All ARA is asking is that every boy and girl, as well as adults, go out and try to run the mile.  If it takes a combination of running and walking, then the battle of fitness has still begun.

ARA will post photos and quotes from youth participants on the new website for NATIONAL RUN A MILE DAYS, . The site contains PDFs of the Concept Guide for organizers along with the Completion Certificate and the 8 week Walk-Run training plan.  Hopefully, all the school sites have been training for the Mile at least 3 days a week.  In addition, results and photos will be posted on the YOUTH RUNNER website (

Host schools, running clubs and communities are encouraged to incorporate the “ MILER” event into their PE class planners as well as community events.  “Running the Mile should be the measure of fitness for all youth.  The Mile is what we teach for pacing and it’s our country’s standard measure of distance traveled”, added Watt.  ARA is supporting and promoting another campaign involving the “mile”. This campaign is “Bring Back the Mile”, founded by running industry veteran Ryan Lamppa. His grass roots campaign is focused on bring the mile back to high school track and field initially with the goal of making the Mile the official mid-distance event replacing the 1500 meters. First focus for the Bring Back the Mile group is the high school 1600 meters. NATIONAL RUN A MILE DAYS is all about the mile as the true measure of fitness and that of competition.

May 6th is the anniversary date of the world’s first sub-4 minute mile.  Roger Bannister showed the world in 1954 that the 4 minute mile was not a barrier.   He broke through that barrier on May 6 of that year.   To this day, the sub 4 minute mile is a cherished achievement by male runners worldwide.  ARA honors Sir Roger Bannister’s achievement on RUN A MILE DAYS.   His tenacity and commitment to challenge a perceived impenetrable barrier can be a lesson for anyone facing a seemingly out of reach goal.