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Seb Coe calls for Athletics to embrace innovation to promote the global growth of the sport

Nassau, Bahamas, 1 May 2015 IAAF Presidential Candidate Seb Coe has called for Athletics to embrace innovation and respond to social, economic and technological changes for the sport to reach its full potential and grow globally. Speaking ahead of the second edition of the IAAF World Relays in The Bahamas, Coe pledged to position Athletics at the forefront of the drive to engage and inspire young people into the sport.

Seb Coe, said:

“It is fantastic to be back in Nassau for the second edition of the IAAF World Relays – an event which has caught the imagination of the public in the region and is becoming a symbol of the innovation I believe Athletics needs to embrace to ensure a vibrant future. Building on the work of President Diack in this field, we must continue to be creative in how we project and present our sport to the world. We need to think creatively about how we can entertain and inspire through our major events and the IAAF World Relays is a great example of how we can support regional initiatives.

“Our aim must be to convert spectators into fans and create attractive propositions for potential sponsors, by showcasing new thinking in our events and disciplines and creating more team competitions for Member Federations. Building on these sorts of ideas, I believe that we should also give serious consideration to an ‘IAAF Street Athletics’ circuit in major cities across the world – helping us to tap into a new and dynamic fan base.

“We must explore and embrace positive change and if elected as IAAF President I want our sport to embrace this approach. As I travel I am listening very carefully to the ideas and wishes of Member Federations and there is an appetite for change. We must protect our best traditions but at the same time open our minds to positive and creative projects which will be good for the long term future of Athletics.”