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Milestone Sports Launches First Gamification Program for Marathon Training

New Program Aims to Keep Marathon Participants Engaged and Motivated through Gamification - Pittsburgh, PA – November 11, 2015 – Milestone Sports, a leading sports tech company focused on connecting retailers and brands to consumers through wearable devices, today announces the launch of a gamification program that enables running event organizers to gamify the training process for their participants. The company will debut the program with the Dick's Sporting Goods Pittsburgh Marathon managed by P3R.

With access to cutting-edge run and walk data from MilestonePod, participants can track their progress and see where they rank weekly and to-date against other event participants based on a variety of running metrics such as average pace, distance, footstrike, cadence, and Runficiency Score. Runners can use this valuable data to measure the overall efficiency of their running technique, identify areas that need improvement and make adjustments to their personal running style to help reach their goals and prevent injury. The program also rewards participants for their accomplishments through weekly contests and giveaways.

“The launch of our gamification program offers race management companies a way to take communication with their participants to a whole new level,” said Jason Kaplan, CEO of Milestone Sports. “The MilestonePod allows for personalized communication between event organizers and their participants, based on actual, real-time data and activity. Our program is truly a game changer in the racing industry and we look forward to its debut in collaboration with P3R.”

“When preparing for a race, staying on track with a training program can be tough for runners,” added Patrice Matamoros, CEO of P3R. “Leveraging Milestone Sports’ unique data and communication platform will enable us to keep participants engaged throughout their training and beyond, while creating the feeling of community for our runners and sponsors.”

MilestonePodis a small, shoe worn device that provides runners with a unique combination of run form metrics that can help improve performance and prevent injury. Users wirelessly sync the MilestonePod to their smartphone through a free mobile app to view detailed activity data and insights on their personal running style and how to improve it. It also tracks the mileage on each pair of shoes and sends recommendations on when to replace them. The MilestonePod is extremely user-friendly, with no buttons to push, no need to run with your phone, and no need to recharge. Just lace and go!

About Milestone Sports

Milestone Sports, Ltd. is focused on connecting retailers and brands to consumers through its Wearable Marketing Platform (WMP). The platform collects comprehensive data from a low-cost sensor worn on the consumer’s shoe that wirelessly syncs to a mobile device. This rich, real-life data results in meaningful, personal, and valuable direct marketing: the future of retailer and brand loyalty.For more information visit

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