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Dayron Robles will not compete in 2013

Written by Larry Eder.

Santiago Antunez, the esteemed coach of Dayron Robles, the 2008 Olympic champion, says that the 110 meter Olympic hurdle champion will not compete in 2013. Robles made the final of the 2012 London Olympics, but stopped midway, holding the hamstring on his right leg.

In a copyrighted article from the Associated Press, Antunez notes that he has been unsuccessful in convincing his athlete to change his mind. 

Per Antunez, Dayron Robles feels that he has received poor treatment from the Cuban sports officialdom. 

Robles is one of the most popular athletes on the circuit. When he is healthy, indoors or outdoors, Robles has competed with the very best. His frustration with his country's officials, per the AP article has come to a head, and Robles, in protest of his treatment, will not race in 2013. 

Robles may have been raised in a communist country, but he appreciates capitalism just fine. By sitting out of 2013, the Cuban officials will not see any of the money that Robles is paid for competing and appearing at various events. In Cuba, the federation receives more of the athletes' earnings than do the athletes. 

For Dayron Robles, giving up racing has to be difficult. I recall watching Dayron Robles and David Oliver (July 2011), doing an interview at the AREVA Paris DL. These guys enjoyed each others company, obviously knew their events and knew each time that they had competed against each other. Robles also knows, if he is to change anything for himself or his countrymen, he must hit the officials and federation in something that they value: money is one of those currencies. 

More details to come…