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3rd Annual RUN A MILE DAYs seeking groups in all 50 states - Bethesda, MD—   Running the mile proved to be quite an event for boys and girls at Flandreau Indian School in South Dakota.  All 300 plus students ran an improvised mile course to test their fitness.   Many of these students had not challenged themselves in a running event.   For some, the mile was a start.  “The reason why I walked/ran the mile is because I wanted to see if I could make it without stopping or giving up, said Sandra from Flandreau.

On May 6 - 8, the American Running Association (ARA) aims to show kids and adults that running the mile can be fun and rewarding with the 3rd Annual “NATIONAL RUN A MILE DAYs™.” The American Running Association (ARA) and its partner Youth Runner Magazine (YR) see the mile as a kick start to a life of better fitness.  “Groups like the 300 plus students in Flandreau South Dakota impressed us by their desire to improve their fitness”, commented ARA Executive Director Dave Watt.   “In their own way, these youths sought to break their own barrier, just as Roger Bannister accomplished on a cinder track in 1954 by breaking the 4 minute barrier”, added Watt.

ARA is seeking community hosts for a NATIONAL RUN A MILE DAY™ event in all 50 states. “All events are free; no entry fees will be taken,” said Watt.   Organizers can fundraise on the MILE DAY events by selling event tees that may be purchased from ARA.  PE classes in schools can choose either May 6 or May 7 and have all classes in the school participate.  Running Clubs or community groups can gather on Saturday May 8 and run the mile.  “ARA and YR will post photos and short stories from groups who produce and host a RUN A MILE DAY event,” added ARA’s Watt. 

RUN A MILE and groups can receive:

    * Pre-printed RUN A MILE DAY certificates to hand out to all participants (up to 400 per organizer plus a PDF version)
    * Opportunity to purchase discounted MILE RUN DAY t-shirts
    * Post photos for groups on the ARA and Youth Runner websites
    * 8 week Mile Training Program for youth participants
    * Your stories printed in Youth Runner and on the ARA website
    * Event Operations Guide to organize your own “NATIONAL RUN A MILE DAY” event

For interested RUN A MILE DAY organizers, contact ARA via email ([email protected]) or call 800-776-2732 x 13 *(Dave Watt). 

The NATIONAL RUN A MILE DAYs™ is produced by the Bethesda, MD - based American Running Association (ARA).   “We want adults, parents, and kids to see the fun in running the mile.  It is the perfect event to kick start a fitness program for senior adults and youth,” said Dave Watt of ARA...  All event proceeds help produce this national track event and ARA’s free youth walk-run training programs.  ARA is a nonprofit organization founded in 1968 to promote healthy living and active lifestyles among all Americans. It is dedicated to supporting runners through education and specialized programs, as well as encouraging all individuals from youths to adults to run and be fit.  For more information about the ARA or to learn more about the Walk and Run programs, visit


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