This is Coffee With Larry for Friday, August 18, 2023

Recorded in Garden Inn Hilton, Budapest City Centre.

Our topics:

1. Men’s 100m-very open, neither Fred Kerley nor Noah Lyles spending much time worrying on Olympic champion Marcell Jacobs.
2. Marcell Jacobs told Italian media that he “in the dark” about his fitness and racing the 100 meters. We will see in round 1.
3. Ryan Crouser has two blood clots in his leg and is still competing; worried about one of the nicest guys in the sport.
4. Anna Hall is on a mission, I think that she will score 7080-7100. It will come down to the 800 meters.

Anna Hall, adidas Atlanta City Games, photo by Kevin Morris

5. Mixed 4x400m should be fascinating, can US battle the defenders Dominican Republic?
6. Both 1,500 meters will be tough, from the first round.
7. Anna Cockrell is one of most articulate athletes in the sport. On the lack of media coverage in US, Anna noted that while it would be great to have fans and media recognition, elite athletes would still perform, and do under those conditions.

Gabby Thomas, Anna Cockrell, World Athletics Championships
Budapest, Hungary
August 19-27, 2023, photo by Kevin Morris

8. Katie Moon, the Olympic and World Champion, is quite low-key. Why is she not recognized as the finest pole vaulter in women’s sport?

Katie Moon, Wanda Diamond League
London Athletics Meet
July 23, 2023, London, England, U.K., photo by Kevin Morris

9. Budapest will host 9 days of glorious track and field.
10. In Glasgow 2014, I had Haggis for each day. In Budapest, I will have goulash for each day. I am half Hungarian-American and I remember Goulash and chicken paprikas from my grand father and parents. It is comfort food for me.