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New disposable ChampionChip a big success in US races

05/14/2009 - 11:20

champ-chip.gifSince the launch of the new disposable chip, the chip has proven to be a big success and many US race directors have swapped their races to this new concept.

The disposable chip offers the same accuracy and reliability that timers and race directors have been used to from ChampionChip for decades.

Additional benefits of the disposable chip:

* Low-handling solution:
* Post-race handling is reduced to a minimum because runners do not have to return their chips.

* Eco-friendly solution:
* Despite its name, the disposable chip concept is eco-friendly. Runners who do not want to keep the chips as a memorabilia can deposit them in recycling bins after the race. Chips are then returned to ChampionChip for recycling.

* Sponsor exposure:
* As with other ChampionChip chips, the disposable chip gives race directors the opportunity to put a logo dome on the chips and offer increased and continued exposure for race sponsors. Many racers love the chip and keep it as memorabilia.

* Easy chip attachment:
* Runners have been racing with ChampionChip chips for years and hardly need instructions for attaching the chip to their shoe. This reduces the risk of missed readings due to incorrectly attached chips to almost zero.

In addition to this new disposable chip concept, ChampionChip still promotes the personal yellow chip, which continues to be the most eco-friendly, cost-effective, and no-handling chip solution for any race.

Thousands of athletes already own a personal yellow chip and experience a smoother and quicker registration process at each event. The same personal chip can also be used at permanent TimePoint installations around the world and provide runners with valuable training feedback.

Are you interested in making your events more eco-friendly, less handling-intensive and more cost effective? Contact your local ChampionChip timer.