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These are some excellent features from our partners

January 2009 Focus n Fly Launch Interactive Online Training Resource (press release)

January 2009 - Cold Weather Running Tips from the RRCA

January 2009 - The Need for Speed Running Journal

Decembr 2008 Putting Together a Full Year Plan Running Journal

November 2008 - Coffee with Coach: Is More ($) Better? Missouri Runner & Triathlete

November 2008 Nike Team Nationals - Training Tips

October 2008 Sports Medicine Experts: Tips for Running the ING New York City Marathon

October 2008 Dealing with Disappointment (Running Journal)

October 2008 - Nutrition Tips (updated!)

August 2008 Powerbar and Ironman Launch Online Destination (press release)

July 2008 From AARP: Team Based Approach; Friendly Competition Key to Keep Exercise Program Going

July 2008 - Athlete's Only Summer Training Program (presented bySaucony)

July 2008 - 2008 Live Sports Medicine Internet Radio (Florida Running & Triathlon)

June 2008 - The Running Rules Revisited (Running Journal)

June 2008 - Major Lessons Learned in 35 Years (Florida Running & Triathlon)

June 2008 - Proprioception: vWhat Is It, and Where Can I Get Some? (Washington Running Report)

June 2008 - Weight Training for Endurance Sports (Colorado Runner)

June 2008 - How Strength Training Will Improve Your Running (Washington Running Report)

April 2008 - Coffee with the Coach: Tempo Magic (Missouri Runner and Triathlete)

March 2008 - On the Track with Alisa Harvey: Train Hard and Rest Well (Washington Running Report)

March 2008 - Cross Training Your Way to PRs! (Running Journal)

Feb 2008 - Coffee with the Coach: New Year's Resolution (Missouri Runner & Triathlete)

Feb 2008 - Getting Out the Door (Running Journal)

Jan 2008 - On the Track . . . with Alisa Harvey: Mile Repeats (Washington Running Report)

2008 - Boathouse Presents the Weekly AT&F Coaching Tip (updated regularly)


December - Seven Things to Consider When Teaching Beginning Throwers (American Track & Field)

December - A Guide to Beginner's Running (RunOhio)

December - Coffee With the Coach: The Next Step in the Journey--Finishing a 5K or 10K (Missouri Runner & Triathlete)

November - Best Preparation Plan For Your Winter or Spring Marathon (Running Journal)

November - Team Running in Cross Country (American Track & Field)

November -Top 10 Winter Running Tips (Chicago Athlete)

October - On the Track with Alisa Harvey: Mental Training for Races (Washington Running Report)

September: Coffee with the Coach: The Journey of a 1,000 Miles Begins with a Single Step (Missouri Runner & Triathlete)

September - The AT&F Fall Cross Country Training Program

September - A Guide to Beginner's Running for September (RUNOHIO)

September - 10 Pre-Marathon Mistakes and How to Avoid Them (Chicago Athlete)

August - ATF Interactive X-Country Training Log (American Track & Field)

August - Beginner Running: One Step at a Time (RUNOHIO)

August - RRCA Hot Weather Tips

August - Healthy Runner: Surviving the Summer Heat (RUNOHIO)

August - Developing a Psychology of Success (Running Journal)

August - Training for a Fall Marathon in Summer Heat (Washington Running Report)

August - Outdoor Track: All-Comers Track & Field Meets (Washington Running Report)

July - Realizing Your Athletes' Personal Bests (Missouri Runner & Triathlete)

July - Choosing the Right Coach (Chicago Athlete)

July - On the Track with Alisa Harvey: Running Form (Washington Running Report)

July - Making the Most of Your Triathlon Building Phase (Chicago Athlete)

July - Summer Running: Slow Down and Chill Out (Washington Running Report)

June - Knowing When to Take Days Off (Washington Running Report)

June - The Top Three Marathon Workouts (Washington Running Report)

June - The Dark Side of Exercise Obsession (Chicago Athlete)

May - Coffee with Coach: Pay Attention to the Details (Missouri Runner and Triathlete)

May - Peak Race: Maximizing the Big Weekend (Running Journal)

April - Off the Beaten Path: Trail Running (Chicago Athlete)

March - Coffee with Coach: Marathon 101 (Missouri Runner & Triathlete)

March - Mental Marathon (Chicago Athlete)

February - Conquer Your Next Indoor Triathlon (Chicago Athlete)

February - Running in a Winter Wonderland (Washington Running Report)

February - Cold Weather Running Tips (RUNOHIO)

January - Surefire Tips For Marathon Recovery (Running Journal)

January - To Err is Human: Common Training Mistakes (Missouri Runner & Triathlete)

January - Ten Tips For Accomplishing A Running Resolution (Colorado Runner)