(images Copyright: Giancarlo COLOMBO) Milano Marathon 2021 is now the 7th best marathon ever based on combined men and women's winning time.

Titus Ekiru (Ken) wins the race in 2h02'57" and it means world leading time, fastest marathon ever in may, best mark ever run in Italy and 5th performer of all-times.

The race starts very regular with 14'49" at 5km, 29'29" (14'40) at 10km and 44'13" (14'44) at 15km with a group of more than 10 athletes in the front.

61:58 unofficial at the half marathon is a sign of a very good job made by the pacers.

After the 30km in 1h27'54" (29'06" last 10km), Ekiru  decided to make his move with a 14'11" split at 35km that means one of the 3 best 30-35km splits ever and closing the race in 2h02'57":

World leading, fastest marathon ever in may and the fastest ever run in Italy.

2nd place Kipyego Reuben Kiprop (ken) 2h03'55" and 3rd Kiptum Barnabas (ken) 2h04'17" with 6 athletes under the 2h06 barrier! A very deep race, one of the best no-major marathon races.

Gebremaryam Hiwot (eth) wins the race in 2h19'35", like in the men race, this is a world leading time, fastest marathon ever in may and fastest marathon ever run in Italy.

33'28" at the 10km with a regular pace (16'43" at 5km) and then the etiophian decides to run faster with very fast splits 16'15", 16'16" and 16'10" that means 1h38'28" at 30km.

At this point is just a fight between the etiophian and the clock where the fatigue start to reduce the pace but at the finish line the time is 2h19'35".

2nd place for the kenyan Mutgaa Jemutai 2h22'50, 6th performance of the year and 3rd Chumba Chebichi (ken) 2h23'10".

Milano Marathon has made a huge step forward despite the difficult year and the organiser are looking to be in the top5 marathon in the world. Milano is the city of running in Italy but we are sure that it will be one of the greatest city of running in the world thanks to the mass race too.


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