Wellington resident Jaelin Funk looked like he had everything under control the entire way in his runaway victory in Sunday’s Garden of Life Palm Beaches Marathon presented by Jupiter Medical Center.
Nobody could stay with him, but Funk looked almost as fresh crossing the finish line as he did at the start of the race.
Funk finished with a time of 2:44:46, more than eight minutes ahead of runner-up John Dangelo of North Palm Beach (2:52:59). It was his second victory in three career Marathon starts, suggesting that the distance fits his running style well.
“My first marathon, it was 38 degrees at the start of the race, and it was raining and 50 degrees during my second marathon.,” Funk said. “Today it was a little warmer and I was trying to deal with the heat. It might have looked easy, but it wasn’t.”
Temperatures at the start of the race were a manageable 68 degrees, but it warmed up as the morning progressed.
Katalin Nagy, a 42-year-old from Ft. Lauderdale, also handled the conditions well, winning the women’s marathon in 3:14:25.
Wellington rising high school junior Colton Lawson won his first career men’s half-marathon (1:15:03), while FAU cross country and track & field runner Madlen Kappeler won her second (1:21:06) half marathon title.
The four winners were among nearly 3,000 runners who participated in the race weekend which included a 5K, 10K and four-person marathon relay teams in addition to the half and full marathon. Runners came from 47 states and 20 countries to compete on the flat and fast course with miles of water views along the holiday-decorated and palm tree-lined Flagler Drive.
Funk, who recently moved from Orlando to Palm Beach and works as an inventory manager for a bike company, really looked as if he could run another 26 miles after crossing the finish line.
“No I’m dead. I’m done,” he laughed. “My legs are definitely hurting. I came to try to win today.”
Nagy, a decorated ultramarathoner, was surprised to find she was the winner as volunteers placed a medal around her neck at the finish line. She won her second career marathon in five starts. 
Nagy is returning to racing after a three-year injury layoff, and Sunday’s race was the first step toward bigger things. She won gold medals in 2015, 2017 and 2019 for the US 24-hr ultramarathon team, and is a two-time champion of the famous Spartathlon race in Greece (a 153-mile ultramarathon from Athens to Sparti). 
“Today was a training run,” said the native Hungarian, who intends to run the Spartathlon again in September 2022. “This is kind of fast for me. I do more of the 24-hour running.”
Kelley Moyer of Pennsboro, WV (3:16:41) finished in second place and Emily Daycock of Fort Lauderdale was third (3:25:17).
The 18-year-old Lawson’s first experience with the Palm Beaches half-marathon when he was just 15 was inauspicious at best.
Lawson ran the first 12.5 miles that day before blacking out, falling and striking his head on a curb. He suffered a concussion, had to be carted from the route by ambulance and spent the night in the hospital.
“You know when they say at the beginning of the race that if you don’t feel right you should stop?” he said of his first Palm Beaches Marathon three years ago. “Well, I didn’t listen. I guess I wasn’t ready for (the race).”
The Kings Academy runner – he won districts, regionals and placed eighth at the Florida state cross country meet during the fall season – returned to this event in 2019 and found more favorable results, placing fifth overall and first among runners in his 18-under division.
Sunday’s win marked another step in his running journey, and his mother and grandmother were on hand to see his first win. It was a two-man race until the 10-mile mark, when Lawson began to pull away.
“I was in third place through the 5K,” he said. “Then it was just me running with (Daniel Martinez). I dropped him at 10 miles and sped up. I felt great.”
Martinez, of Boqueron, Puerto Rico, finished second (1:16:17) and Emmett Owenby IV of Lone Tree, CO was third (1:21:19).
Kappeler’s half-marathon win came a week after her 24th birthday. The FAU senior is from a small German town in the Alps, and came to the US as a collegiate recruit. She was a third team All-Conference USA cross country selection in the fall.
“It was fun today,” she said. “I felt no pressure and I didn’t expect anything. I came to clear my head.”
Boynton Beach’s Staci Huelat was second (1:28:01) while Sylvanna Toledo was third (1:28:57).
Runners headed north on Flagler Drive from the start line adjacent to Meyer Amphitheater, and passed the Sandi Tree, West Palm Beach’s famous 35-ft, 700-ton holiday sand sculpture. The course then led north to Manatee Lagoon before doubling back south and veering off through the historic and quaint areas of downtown West Palm Beach.
“It’s a great race, and it had nice visuals,” said Funk.
“A very professional race,” added Nagy. “The volunteers were great. The refreshment areas were good. It was an awesome organization that put this on.”
Mens Marathon Results                                            
1         Jaelin Funk                           Orlando                     02:44:46
2         John D'Angelo                      North Palm Beach     02:52:59
3         Nick Eccher                          Nashville                   02:54:57
4         Fabio Da Cunha                    Barueri                       02:56:42
5         Joe Rodbard                         West Palm Beach       02:56:46
6         Gerard O'Leary                     Toronto                     02:56:51
7         Rodrigo Londono                   Medellin                    02:57:37
8         Philip Pasch                          Schwabach             02:59:06
9         Yisroayl Peer                        Delray Beach            03:00:18
10       Todd Robinson                     Longmont                  03:01:38
11       Birhanu Van Der Riet           Winter Garden          03:01:53
12       Ryan Deauville                      West Palm Beach       03:03:26
13       Joseph Perreault                   Ave Maria                 03:06:17
14       Gabriel Lugo                         Miami                       03:09:31
15       John Miller                            North Fort Myers       03:10:13
16       Emilio Martinez                   Bronx                         03:10:49
17       Aaron Ferge                          Boynton Beach         03:15:34
18       Ty Fisher                                West Palm Beach       03:20:20
19       Colin McCormick                  Boca Raton                03:21:20
20       Kevin Cochrane                     Fort Lauderdale         03:22:30
21       Greg Lovell                            North Palm Beach      03:23:07
22       Pablo Jimenez Godoy            Miami                       03:27:32
23       Danny Zalk                            West Palm Beach       03:28:24
24       Joshua Vongphrachanh          Grand Rapids            03:28:59
25       Branko Angjeleski                 West Palm Beach       03:29:08
Womens Marathon Results
1         Katalin Nagy                           Sarasota                    03:14:25
2         Kelley Moyer                          Pennsboro                 03:16:41
3         Emily Daycock                        Fort Lauderdale         03:25:17
4         Erin Dillon                              Redfield                      03:26:31
5         Rochelle Fields                       Safety Harbor            03:36:57
6         Emmanuelle Leblanc             Kingston                     03:38:44
7         Molly Maggard                    Springboro               03:39:50
8         Maria Urso                            Jupiter                      03:43:53
9         Jessie Macdonald                  St. Catharines            03:45:02
10       Silvia Munoz Poland              Sterling                      03:45:36
11       Petra Nousiainen                  Vintrosa                    03:45:38
12       Dorothea Trotter                  Boynton Beach         03:52:14
13       Leah Mitchem                       Sarasota                    03:52:28
14       Dima Kassis                           Lake Worth               03:53:22
15       Rebecca Murphy                   Conway                    03:57:55
16       Taylor Hall                            Polk City                    03:59:18
17       Dana Cantwell                       Wellington                04:00:32
18       Amanda Roszczewski            Naples                       04:02:12
19       Nicole Noonan                      New York                   04:03:33
20       Stephanie Reinhold               Winter Garden           04:06:37
21       Jill Van Horn                          Rockville                    04:07:50
22       Kayla Jane Mclaughlin          Chicago                     04:08:54
23       Migdalia Vega                        Vega Baja                  04:13:29
24       Maggie Hammerschmidt      Tinley Park                04:18:33
25       Katie Tinley                           Tampa                       04:21:03
Men’s Half Marathon
1         Colton Lawson                      Wellington                01:15:03
2         Daniel Martinez                     Boqueron                   01:16:17
3         Emmett Owenby IV                Lone Tree                  01:21:19
4         Michael Castillo                     Lake Worth                01:22:22
5         Tyler Vitullo                           Youngstown                01:25:06
6         Brandon Smith                       Palm Beach Gardens 01:25:24
7         Marcelo Fiusa Carneiro         Boca Raton                 01:26:02
8         Eric Petersen                         Orlando                      01:27:10
9         Hernan           Garbini           Charlottesville            01:27:44
10       Daniel Yinh                             Palm Beach Gardens 01:29:23
11       Leonardo Lopez-Merlos         East Northport           01:29:42
12       Joshua Thomas                      Lake Worth                01:30:22
13       Brent Mcquilkin                     West Palm Beach       01:30:34
14       Richard Wandoff                    West Palm Beach       01:30:39
15       Frederik Oliveira                    Pompano Beach         01:31:28
16       Daniel Pietrosanti                  Elmsford                     01:31:31
17       Charles Elsey                          Sarasota                     01:32:00
18       Evan Tremblay                        Salem                         01:32:19
19       Emmanuel Galeote                Hobe Sound                01:32:40
20       Aldo Virano                            Jupiter                        01:32:54
21       Will Petersen                         Orlando                      01:33:28
22       Matthew Oleszczuk                West Palm Beach       01:33:34
23       Ivan Ruiz                                 Port Saint Lucie          01:33:59
24       Roy Boulware                         Lake Worth                01:35:05
25       Ashish Pednekar                     New York                    01:35:15
Women’s Half Marathon
1         Madlen Kappeler                   Boca Raton                 01:21:06
2         Staci Huelat                            Boynton Beach          01:28:01
3         Sylvanna Toledo                                                        01:28:57
4         Emalie Clement                     Omaha                        01:29:29
5         Mackenzie Dufour                 West Palm Beach       01:31:03
6         Amanda Jones                        West Palm Beach       01:33:35
7         Niki Desjardin                        North Palm Beach      01:34:16
8         Lauren Ludka                          Boca Raton                01:35:13
9         Olivia Nicholson                     Delray Beach             01:35:14
10       Jennifer Rapaport                  North Palm Beach      01:36:23
11       Sydney Schiff                          Palm Beach Gardens 01:37:46
12       Maria Paituvi                         Jupiter                        01:38:09
13       Michelle Koenig                     West Palm Beach       01:38:10
14       Samantha Tanzer                   Jamaica Plain             01:38:33
15       Alina Morrison                       Palm Beach                01:40:16
16       Lynn Astrup                            Minneapolis               01:40:49
17       Sophia Racette                       St. Louis                      01:41:27
18       Catherine Cope                      Jupiter                        01:41:36
19       Kaori Alexander                     Wellington                 01:42:00
20       Megane Bianco                      West Palm Beach       01:42:13
21       Sarah Williams                       Key West                    01:42:37
22       Anays Murillo                         Jamaica Plain             01:42:41
23       Mia Delgado                          West Palm Beach       01:44:01
24       Hannah Anderson                  Lake Worth Beach     01:44:12
25       Lisa Buohler                          Fort Myers                 01:44:17