We, here in Toledo, and the running industry as a whole, are taking this unprecedented health emergency very seriously and are working to provide you with the answers you need as soon as possible. Ultimately, the safety of our runners and community as a whole is our first priority.

Because of this, Mercy Health Glass City Marathon will follow the guidance about the future of our running, April 24-26, of medical professionals and our Medical Director.

As your Race Director, I have been consulting with our medical team and local officials over the past weeks to understand the changing threats we face, and identify what options exist. I can assure you that the scope and decisions being made are quite complex and we do not take this process lightly. I am also in daily conversations with other major races upcoming in Ohio, Michigan, and Indiana to determine the best course of action.

We feel confident that a decision will made and action plan developed by the end of March, followed by an announcement. Some of the options we're considering are.

    The race goes on as originally planned.
    The race is the same date, with modifications (unknown at this time).
    The race is postponed to a future date, to be determined.
    The race becomes a virtual event on the same date.
    The event is canceled.

We hear your questions and know you would like an answer. One will be forthcoming as soon as all criteria is known. Not all events are facing the same issues and we must make the right decision or this event, when it must be made. For example, world major events, like Boston and London, have a significantly different impact on the health of a their communities and operational logistics, versus a much smaller regional or local event like ours. With some exceptions, the vast majority of our participant base is local with little to no travel required to attend, thus more flexible with options. Making changes to a marathon isn't as easy as picking a new date though. To get where we are today, we have been planning 11 months. The Mercy Health Glass City Marathon operates in five jurisdictions and uses a major University as its host facility. We also use many industry vendors to operate the race. All of which must be available for moving to a future date. All this needs to be evaluated before a final decision is made.

We are currently 42 days from race weekend and our team is actively working on developing the scenarios listed previously. Which one we announce will be driven by the recommendations of health professionals, with the safety of our runners and community as a priority. Forty-two days ago, the world and life as we knew it was in a very different place. Which option we will implement is yet to be determined.

We will continue to communicate with you as updates occur. Please continue to check our website and social media channels for updates and additional information.

I want to thank you for your patience and understanding during this challenging time. We are a very close community, and we understand the hard work and commitment you’ve put in over the last several months getting ready to run Glass City. We are doing everything within our power to ensure a safe event and look forward to seeing you all soon.


Clint McCormick, Race Director
Toledo Roadrunners Club